Technology and service solutions

We provide smart technology solutions to help our customers boost the efficiency, profitability and security of their management procedures, processes and results.



Cutting-edge technology solutions to automate and digitalise measurement and reading processes for logistics operators, transport and parcel delivery companies, warehouses and others: volumetric technology to measure dimensions and weigh goods; camera technology to read barcodes, 2D and OCR; extendible curvilinear roller conveyor.




Integrator of smart technology solutions to robotise, automate and digitalise order preparation processes for warehouses, distribution facilities and logistics operators: "goods-to-person" and "shelf-to-person" solutions, and autonomous vehicles with SLAM or QR navigation systems, plus an in-house IWMS applying artificial intelligence to improve processes on a continuous basis.


Traffic and road safety


Effective technology solutions to automate and digitalise control and management of mobility and urban and interurban safety: fixed speed control; mobile speed control; portable traffic signal.



We provide smart technology solutions to help our customers boost the efficiency, profitability and security of their management procedures, processes and results. Integrated product and service solutions to bring our customers competitiveness, efficiency, flexibility, service capacity, safety and capacity to surpass expectations of performance and ROI. The technology used in our components, systems and machinery roll out value for management and processes, enabling our customers to provide efficient customised services and solutions that are in touch with reality.

The technology used in our components, systems and equipment quantifies, classifies and displays high-value information instantly, objectively and accurately, enabling our customers to provide efficient, tailor-made services and solutions based on reality.  

Technology and knowledge in response to the changing needs of the market and the new social paradigms.


Technology is not a solution in itself. It is a solution when it is applied with knowledge. Knowledge and human intelligence turn it into a solution.

The fast pace of changes and growth in volume and demand formats calls for an anticipatory, well-adapted, precise and rapid response by processes, since these are decisive factors in targets for boosting output, competitiveness and the security of businesses and public authorities.


LYL INGENIERÍA, S.L. was set up in Barcelona in 2002. Lorenzo Vázquez and Luis Talavera, two young industrial engineers, decided to pool their talents and skills to focus on developing, manufacturing and marketing equipment for emergency and police vehicles.

The course of time added experience, expanded their knowledge and transformed the project into a solid company determined to broaden its horizons. In this new phase, Lorenzo and Luis identified specific needs and requirements in fast-growing sectors, such as logistics and transport, and traffic and road safety, They analysed these needs and had a vision that technology would play a key role in responding to them. Moreover, this vision was global, given that this is how the market would be from both the supply and demand side.

In the process of expanding into these sectors, they initiated a number of contacts that led to strategic alliances with companies that develop technologies, equipment and solutions, all of which are world leaders in their respective fields. LYL INGENIERÍA gained the trust of these leaders and became their exclusive distributor for Spain and several Latin American countries. At the same time, it gained the trust of a growing number of customers and became their strategic partner for technology solutions and associated consulting, installation, training, technical support and maintenance services.

From 2010 on, the internationalisation of the company became a reality and LYL INGENIERÍA is currently a global operator in its fields of activity. Today, from its offices in Barcelona, Madrid and the Basque Country, LYL INGENIERÍA focuses its activity on providing technology solutions and services related to logistics, transport, intra logistics, urban and inter-urban traffic and road safety management systems to project integration contractors, logistics operators, transport companies, industrial companies, public administrations, the emergency services and public and private security and surveillance bodies in Spain and in countries such as Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Colombia and Peru.

The future

Every day we are building the future of LYL INGENIER√ćA with determination, using new and innovative technological solutions, inspiring changes and improvements in systems and processes, applying ourselves to understanding the needs of our customers and striving to surpass not only our own expectations but also those of our present and future customers and suppliers worldwide.


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