Poliscan FM1. Stationary speed enforcement

PoliScan speed Fixed is an agile, versatile system for controlling speed and improving road safety that uses laser technology (LIDAR). This VITRONIC technology measures the speed of all vehicles within the capture area, without the need for roadside equipment such as loops or piezoelectric sensors. 

Elegant and functional: stylish urban design

The PoliScan speed Fixed speed enforcement system is integrated into a specially designed urban casing, which provides optimal support for LIDAR measurement technology. The elegant pillar features individual rotating segments and makes it possible to monitor incoming and outgoing traffic at the same time. The stylish design of the casing has room for up to two measuring and documentation units, including flash units. As a result, PoliScan speed Fixed it makes it possible to monitor traffic in two directions of travel from a single location. Speed enforcement is possible from the central reservation or the roadside.

Photographic evidence with optimal driver identification

All PoliScan speed Fixed systems are equipped with two high resolution digital cameras with different focal lengths. In combination with the continuous location function provided by LIDAR, PoliScan speed Fixed provides lane-focused photographic evidence with optimal number plate recognition and driver identification for every violation, even in heavy traffic or during lane changes. The system automatically puts a frame around the number plate, which helps to clearly match the speeding violation. PoliScan speed Fixed is available with cameras for colour or black and white images.

Digital data of incidents

PoliScan speed Fixed compiles photographic evidence along with all other data related to the incident, such as speed, time and location measured in a digital documentation of the incident. On-site encryption, together with a proprietary file format, provides protection against tampering and unauthorised access. Case data can be downloaded locally or transferred through the network. PoliScan speed Fixed offers flexible support for integration with back office incident processing systems. If a network connection is available, the system can also be monitored remotely.

Combination with the red light application

PoliScan speed Fixed can also be combined with VITRONIC’s red light application. PoliScan red+speed Fixed combines all the benefits of the VITRONIC stationary speed application with the advanced red light application.


  • Laser-based speed application with no integrated roadside equipment (no loops or piezoelectric sensors required)
  • The flexible casing makes it possible to monitor in one or two directions of operation
  • Installation on the central reservation or the roadside
  • Dual cameras for photographic evidence with optimum focus
  • Clear matching of violations in photographic evidence
  • Photographs in colour or black and white
  • Encrypted digital documentation of incidents
  • Remote access for transferring data from incidents and monitoring the system
  • Connection to all back office systems
  • Automatic monitoring of the validity of the calibration
  • It can be added to complement the red light application.


Laser-based stationary speed application. Who said looks are not important?

  • Measuring process: fully automatic; does not require attended measurement
  • Work area: 10 m - 75 m
  • Measuring range: 10 km/h - 300 km/h
  • Measuring rate: >1 vehicle per second
  • Control range: up to 3 lanes (front, picture of the driver / direction) and up to 4 lanes (rear, number plate / direction)
Components of the system
  • Camera:
    • Standard system: 2 high resolution cameras (B/W or colour, 2 x 4 megapixels)
    • Special system: 2 high resolution cameras (B/W or colour, 2 x 8 megapixels)
  • Standard flash unit: white/red light flash unit (650 mm), infrared lash unit (>800 mm)
  • Measuring unit: Eye-safe LIDAR
Documentation of cases
  • Evidential photography: digital photo of the vehicle and driver (front operation only) and the number plate, 1 high-resolution photo per lane/box, max. 8 MB per box
Electrical data
  • Operating voltage: 12 VDC / 230 VCA
  • Power consumption: max. 50 W / system
Mechanical data
  • Configuration: installed on a concrete base.
  • Dimensions: :Total height: 2490 mm - 3090 mm
  • Diameter: 420 mm
  • IP65 rating
  • Weight
    • Unit of measure: 13 kg
    • Flash unit: 4.45 kg
    • IR flash unit: 7 kg
    • Aluminium pillar: 170 kg

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