Enforcement trailer. Flexible, autonomous semi-stationary speed enforcement system

VITRONIC's new long-term speed measurement system is called Enforcement Trailer, and can be used both for fixed periods of time or permanently in black spots where the infrastructure required for fixed speed enforcement is not available, such as roads, urban areas or construction sites, areas with temporary speed limits or even areas with variations in traffic.

Besides being flexible in this respect, the Enforcement Trailer is suitable for sites where the use of a mobile system is not possible due to the safety implications for the personnel carrying out the measurement.

The Enforcement Trailer speed measurement system uses an independent power supply equipped with high-performance batteries that make continuous measurement possible for a period of ten days. If measurement is required for a longer period of time, these batteries can be easily replaced on site. Moreover, thanks to an integrated modem that transfers encrypted data via a wireless connection and allows remote access to the measurement system, the Enforcement Trailer offers a fully autonomous measurement system for several days without staff needing to intervene, which means a significant increase in efficiency.


The future of traffic enforcement: robust, flexible and autonomous.

The Enforcement Trailer incorporates VITRONIC's PoliScan speed LIDAR measurement technology, which makes it possible to capture all vehicles on several lanes simultaneously. This system also makes it possible to control variable speed limits and traffic restrictions according to the time of day, lane and type of vehicle.

Virtually any type of vehicle equipped with a tow bar can be used to transport the Enforcement Trailer. The system also has its own remote-controlled drive, which means it can be easily and directed precisely towards the location where the measurement is to be taken. In addition, the Enforcement Trailer is protected against vandalism with an alarm system.

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