Traffic Solutions

Police car equipment, Poliscan and Biosens.

Police and emergency vehicles

Portable traffic signs


Our portable road sign has been designed to improve the performance of other existing equipments in the emergency road signage industry. Our portable traffic sign ...

FLASHBACK. Video Surveillance


The Flashback DVR  mobile video surveillance system (Digital Video Recording) is the result of years of technological development and experience in the field of video ...

Urban mobility and long distance

Enforcement Trailer. Long Term Autonomous Speed Enforcement


The Enforcement Trailer from VITRONIC enables long-term automated speed enforcement at accident hotspots that lack the infrastructure for a fixed speed camera. These ...

PoliScan speed. Fixed Speed ​​Control System


VITRONIC's Speed Control System PoliScan speed is contributing to the improvement of road safety all over the world. PoliScan speed is a speed control system that uses ...

PoliScan speed Mobile. Mobile Speed ​​Control


VITRONIC's PoliScanspeed sets new standards for mobile speed enforcement. The system combines the benefits of LIDAR speed enforcement technology with a design that allows ...

PoliScan redlight. Control of traffic light offenses


PoliScanredlight uses the same LIDAR technology as PoliScanspeed and monitors red light violations across multiple lanes and travel directions – no need for ...

PoliScan red + speed. Combined speed and red light traffic control enforcement.


People often speed across intersections when the light turns yellow. This behavior increases the potential danger at accident-prone traffic light intersections even more. ...

TollChecker. Management and control system of tolls.


No more stopping to pay a toll – VITRONIC's toll solutions for free-flowing traffic mean that toll booths are a thing of the past. With this technology, also known as ...