Spanish logistics company Zeleris reaches higher read rates with camera technology. Exchange of laser scanners camera technology



The Spanish company Zeleris is active in the field of integrated logistics, meaning the full range of activities related to procurement, storage, handling and distribution of goods. In the new distribution center in Madrid was sorted, amongst others, mobile phone shipments and telephone equipment of the Spanish company Telefonica. In order to sort uniquely the barcodes of the items are read. Barcodes have in some cases a very small module of 0.2 mm and very low height. For cost reasons a hybrid system was firstly installed. It was provided a camera and eight laser scanners. The camera read the top side barcodes of the packages and the laser scanners did it on the sides.
Before the end of the warranty period, Zeleris decided to remove the laser scanners by cameras.


The reason for this decision: the read rate of laser scanners was very low. By contrast, Zeleris was highly satisfied with the read rate from the top camera.
"Now the read rate is so high that in some cases we have saturation in the chutes" says Martin Prom, Process Quality Manager Telefónica Servicios Integrales Distribution. Currently, a total of five cameras read barcodes on the five sides. With camera technology safely identifies small barcodes on mobile phone boxes and shipments are correctly sorted.


Vanderlande Industries España, S.A. provided the new distribution center in Zeleris Madrid including high sorting technology.  
LYL INGENIERÍA, VITRONIC distributor in Spain, installed and set up the camera identification system. Shipments are identified at 2 m/s with a design capacity of 5,500 items per hour. Aside from barcode reading, also predominantly cubic shipments are volume measured. Zeleris can use the measurement results for statistics on internal processes, create invoices automatically, check the specified volume and optimize the loading of the fleet.