CubiScan 75: Static volumetric and weighing measurement system

As a result of the increase in shipments and the consequent turnover by dimensional weight (DIM-weight), the new CubiScan®75 has become the ideal tool for quickly and accurately measuring and weighing parcels and thus minimising shipping costs..

The CubiScan®75 is an advanced dimensional measuring and weighing device for small and medium volume parcels that uses powerful 3D cameras to create a flexible and cost-effective dimensioning solution, which is easy to integrate into today's most demanding shipping environments.

The advantages of CubiScan®75

This new parcel scanning system has no moving parts, making the device easy to install and maintain in the supply chain. Thanks to its design, it makes it possible for the parcels to be put in any position, with no loss of measuring efficiency.

The CubiScan®75 can be seamlessly integrated into shipping software, a barcode scanner and a label printer, creating a complete shipping / manifest workstation which helps avoid errors and return costs.

Characteristics and specifications

The CubiScan®75 is an advanced parcel dimensional measuring system, which quickly and accurately carries out measurements in high-volume shipping applications. The measuring process takes about 1 second, with no specific positioning required within the measuring area. With a robust, slim-looking frame and simple design, it can be easily integrated into any line or shipping workstation.

The Qbit® software, which was developed by CubiScan, is the ideal user interface with which to ensure productive use of the equipment, and transmission of the results to any other software installed. As a result, the CS75+Qbit® package is a solution that can be easily integrated into any existing distribution line.


The CubiScan®75 is a volumetric measuring and weighing system designed specifically for shipping parcels.

  • Dimensions: 740 x 460 x 2480 (LWH) mm
  • Weight: 33 kg
  • Measurement increment: 5 mm
  • Measurement range (*):
    • Length: 100 - 1,400 mm
    • Width: 100 - 800 mm
    • Height: 50 - 900 mm o (*) relative values depending on the size of the object (if in doubt, then please ask)
  • Measuring sensor: 3D camera
  • Data output: ethernet
  • Energy requirements: 100 - 240 VCA, 50 - 60 Hz
  • Operating temperature: +5ºC - +35ºC
  • Humidity: 5 - 95%, with no condensation

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