ROBOT C200S. Robotics and artificial intelligence for shuttle

The Geek+ “Bin-to-Person” robotic shuttle systems distributed by LYL INGENIERÍA offer innovative technology, which can be put into operation very quickly at a low cost. The RoboShuttle™ solution provides high-density storage, narrow aisle design and high efficiency. A standard 9 metre warehouse can store 3.50 m high boxes on 18 levels and 2.5 m high boxes on 24 levels, making maximum use of the warehouse space.

The Geek + RoboShuttle™ system received the world-renowned “Best of Intralogistics 2020” IFOY Award, one of the most prestigious in the industry. Compared to a traditional system, RoboShuttle™ is more flexible, efficient and gives a faster return on investment. The RoboShuttle™ system can provide storage and production capacity similar to that of traditional systems, but at half the cost. The high flexibility of RoboShuttle™ systems allows greater adaptability to existing warehouses and to future expansion or layout changes.


  • Flexible, making it possible to adapt to customers' existing shelving and lofts
  • Adaptable to any existing order picking stations used in manual operations
  • Lower investment costs and shorter payback period
  • Quick implementation: approximately 3 months
  • Low floor load requirements <500 kg/m2, no reinforcement required for standard warehouses
  • Does not require high-precision rails and is easy to maintain
  • Compact, high-density storage
  • High efficiency: production of 250 picks/hour - 600 pieces/hour
  • High availability, with no point of failure or blockage. In the event of a failure, one of the available robots would take the place of the failed robot
  • Expandable and scalable to any changes in operation or increased production requirements. Robots can be quickly added to and removed from the system
  • Algorithm based on Artificial Intelligence that makes it possible to optimise the layout of stock keeping units (SKUs) in the warehouse and increase the efficiency of the system
  • Switchable to manual operation if the system gets disconnected (no electricity or connection to the grid)

Look at our section on Robots for Sorting if you are looking for an automated solution for the final phase of the logistics process at your facilities.


We apply advanced robotics and artificial intelligence technologies to provide efficient, accurate, reliable, flexible and high performance solutions for managing warehouses, factories and supply chains.

  • Self weight: 270 kg
  • Dimensions: 950x702x2500-3400(LWH) mm
  • Maximum payload: 40 kg
  • Maximum lifting height: 3.400 mm
  • Payload size: 400x300x250 / 600x400x350 mm
  • Maximum lift height: 2400 mm
  • Minimum lifting time: 8 s
  • Maximum speed: 2m/s
  • Maximum rotation speed: 90º/1,5s - 180º/2s
  • Maximum slope angle: 2,5º (slope 4,4%) 
  • Stop accuracy: <10 mm
  • Navigation: inertial sensors + QR code
  • Obstacle detection distance: 2m infrared / 3m laser
  • Power supply: litio-ion DC50.4V 39 Ah
  • Battery life: full charging and discharging >2000 cycles
  • Run time: charging 10 minutes working 2-3 hours
  • Autonomía: 24h con carga automática
  • Certificatión: CE
  • Working temperature: -20ºC / 50ºC

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