APACHE Portal. System for weighing and volume measurement of large objects

APACHE Portal is an integrated volumetric measurement and static weighing system of large objects such as pallets, machinery or containers. Its volumetric system consisting of two infrared laser heads provides a comprehensive view while allowing measurement from any perspective. In some cases (depending on the characteristics of the distribution center, warehouse or hub) the structure that supports the printhead system may be installed at high altitude, allowing the measurement of volume and weight of large objects without obstructions to the user handling cargo, thus avoiding damage to the equipment. Powerful and accurate laser sensors measure elements in any orientation, color or packaging material.

The APACHE Portal provides volumetric measurement of palletised items, regular and irregular merchandise, allows for possible exclusion of pallets, enables simultaneous measurement of weight and volume quickly, reliably and accurately with the highest resolution.

The solution for:

  • Certified volumetric cubing of palletizable objects.
  • Loading of regular and irregular pallets.
  • Optional exclusion of pallets, even in certified mode.
  • Simultaneous volumetric cubing and weighing.
  • Quick, reliable and precise volumetric cubing at the highest possible resolution.

Unique Features:

  • Easy integration with existing processe.
  • Adaptable to different environments.
  • High measurement area  (L x W x H).
  • MID and OIML R129 certification and increased high resolution (L x W x H).
  • Detection of small protrusions.

Measuring Principle:

Measuring is carried out using two overhead scanning devices that move at a constant speed along guide lines suspended over the length of the measuring area. The movement follows a continuous route, with an encoder. Thanks to the large measuring area that is available, it is even possible to measure several different pallets at once.

Features and Software:

The system complies with both MID and OIML R129, has built-in "Alibi Storage" and allows you to integrate data from scales and barcode readers. The integrated PC can make use of additional software to easily adapt to different interfaces, etc. 

For non-certified systems, additional features are also possible, such as exclusion of forklift trucks and electric stackers, recording of defects using a camera, etc. 

User interface: 

  • Ability to customise the user interface.
  • Entering of additional secondary data.
  • Warning system for questionable measuring results.

Weighing, reading of barcodes and Images

  • Simple communication setting with the weighing indicators.
  • Interface with barcode reading.
  • Image of the merchandise using digital cameras.
  • Integrated documentation system (.pdf).


The pallet dimensioning systems are already installed and being used by DHL, Kuehne+Nagel, Schenker, Dachser, Fraport, Air France, KLM, Emirates, and more.

See our section on conveyor scales if you are looking for a dynamic weighing solution or static weighing our solutions CubiScan if it is a solution for accurate weighing of small volumes.

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