APACHE PORTAL DUAL ZONE. Volumetry and weighing of large objects for high production

Certified system for the dimensional measurement of large objects integrated with two static weighing platforms to increase production capacity.

The system is approved in accordance with MID009 and OIML R:129, including an “Alibi Storage” data storage system and the possible integration of data from both the scales and bar code readers. The integrated PC can use additional software to make it possible to adapt flexibly to different interfaces..

The solution for:

  • Measuring loads of almost any shape and dimensions in two separate and independent measuring areas to increase production
  • The measuring area can be expanded individually
  • The two measuring areas can be combined to measure long objects.
  • As an option, a weighing platform can be integrated for each measuring area. Even in combination, both platforms can weigh large objects.
  • Electronic measuring and weighing of loads
  • Scanning with two laser heads driven by a motorised arm allows objects to be detected in the corresponding measuring area
  • Availability of an optional camera for a photographic representation
  • All measuring data is legally relevant due to the conformity assessment and therefore can be used for commercial transactions
  • The detection of loads below those declared allows for a rapid return on investment


Load measurement of almost any shape and dimensions, in two separate and independent measuring areas to increase production.

  • Maximum dimensions of the object in the measuring area: 250 (350) cm x 250 cm x 280 cm
  • Division: 2 cm x 2 cm x 1 cm (L x W x H)
  • Movement speed: 0.4 m/s 
  • Scales: usually one platform per measuring station
  • Measuring and weight range on request: technical data supplied by the manufacturer of the weighing device
  • Operating conditions: 200 - 250 VAC 16A
  • Laser safety class: 1 (unnecessary safety measurements even in the case of continuous radiation)
  • Others: exclusion of pallets even in certified mode Integrated Alibi storage memory (LFT). Estimation of the actual volume
  • Certification: Certified in accordance with MID009 and OIML:R129

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