APACHE CONVEYOR. Volumetry and weighing of large moving objects

Dimensional measuring system for large moving objects integrated as an option with a dynamic set of weighing scales.

The system makes it possible to integrate data from both scales and barcode readers. The integrated PC can use additional software to make it possible to adapt flexibly to different interfaces.

Principles of measuring

Measuring is carried out by two fixed infrared scanners positioned high up. This system measures the volumetry of the object as it passes through the scanning area, creating a continuous 3D surface. This helps the software to determine the important characteristics of the object such as length, width and height.

The solution for:

  • Volumetry and weighing of large objects
  • Measuring regular and irregular objects moving at a constant speed
  • Simultaneous volumetry and weighing
  • Fast, reliable and accurate dimensional measuring with the highest possible resolution
  • As an option, images of goods using digital cameras and an integrated documentation system (.pdf)
  • Expandable measuring area as required


Dimensional measuring and accurate weighing of regular and irregular objects.

  • Measuring area: scalable depending on the user's needs
  • Movement speed: 0.2 - 0.5 m/s
  • Measuring method: Two infrared scanners mounted on the object to be measured
  • Division: 20 mm x 20 mm x 10 mm
  • Weighing: technical specifications as required
  • Laser safety class: 1 (unnecessary safety measurements even in the case of continuous radiation)
  • Power supply: 200 - 250 VAC, 16 A

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