VICAMssi2 camera: Barcode reading for high performance applications

Thanks to the VICAMssi2 camera, barcode reading has never been so easy. VICAMssi2 makes it possible to carry out barcode reading in the logistics environment with maximum speed and accuracy.

The VICAMssi2 barcode camera was developed by VITRONIC and is manufactured in Wiesbaden (Germany). With more than 4,000 units supplied in the intralogistics sector, this is the seventh generation of the same type of camera.

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The VICAMssi2 line scan camera offers:

  • It covers code reading on objects up to 1,000 mm wide.
  • Width: 660 mm.
  • Weight: 16 kg.
  • 30.000 Hz: the highest linear frequency for higher speeds.
  • Resolution at 4.5 m/s: 170 dpi. .

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