CubiScan® 325. Portable volumetric measuring and static weighing system.

"><p>CubiScan<sup>®</sup> 325. Portable volumetric measuring and static weighing system.</p>
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APACHE Apparel Dimensioner

APACHE Big Bear. Weighing and volume measurement system of large objects

APACHE Contour. Volumetric and weighing large objects

APACHE Conveyor Checker. Measuring with a single head of volumen and weight of large, moving objects

APACHE Conveyor. System for weighing and volume measurement of large objects

APACHE Mobile. System for weighing and volume measurement of large objects

APACHE Portal. System for weighing and volume measurement of large objects

Barcode and 2D codes reading

CubiScan ® 110. Measurement of volume and weight of medium objects

CubiScan® 100. Integrated system for weighing and volume measurement of objects

">CubiScan® 25. Weight and volume measuring system for small objects of regular and irregular shapes. 

CubiScan® 150. Measurement of volume and weight of large objects

DWS System (Dimensioning, Weighing, Scanning)

Industrial scale EC-M-Evo

Industrial Scale EC-M-ML-SI & HC-ML-SI

Industrial scale EC-M-SL

Industrial Scale EC-Warehouse

Industrial Scale-2 HC-FL

Letters weighing scale VLS-630

OCR character reading

VICAMsnap! . System of auto-ID for barcodes, 2D and image archiving

VICAMssi2 camera: Barcode reading camera

Video Coding


Volumetric VIPAC D1. Measurement System Volume of regular items

Volumetric VIPAC D2. Measurement System Volume of regular and irregular items

XRAMP - Extendable and curvilinear roller conveyor for parcels


Aid projects in Africa through Yamlaminim NGO


The Yamlaminim association, which in Moré language means "DO WHAT YOU HEART DICTATES", aims to develop projects in Burkina Faso to improve basic structures serving the ...

Chronoexpres implements camera technology in distribution center in Madrid. Increased read rates with VITRONIC technology


LYL INGENIERÍA, VITRONIC’s partner for Spain and South America, installed a camera tunnel for the reading of barcodes and 2D codes on packages at the Madrid ...

Control speed and red lights with LIDAR technology: successful LYL INGENIERÍA in Andinatraffic


As a specialist in urban and interurban mobility, traffic management and road safety, LYL INGENIERÍA has been present as an exhibitor and speaker at Andinatraffic, ...

DHL Express Iberia implements VITRONIC camera technology in collaboration with LYL INGENIERÍA in three hubs: Madrid, Barcelona and Vitoria


"Compared with the scans we now have a very high rate of reading. This saves us huge costs and we can significantly improve the internal processes." Mr. Juan Iraola, DHL ...

Fully Automated Inspection of Weld Seams and Surfaces


In 2010 the unique optical inspection system VIROwsi has a new, more slender design and additionally improved features. VITRONIC introduces the third sensor generation at ...

International CubiScan distributors Meeting


Quantronix chose Salt Lake City (USA) as the venue to bring together its worldwide network of CubiScan distributors. For three days (10-12 October), specialists in solutions ...

It’s Yamlaminim’s 10th anniversary. Do you know what this is?


It’s an NGO with which LYL INGENIERÍA has been cooperating for many years. Sara Caneda dreamt of YAMLAMINIM (“do as your heart tells you”, in mooré ...

Large-volume freight measuring at TNT Express in Germany


TNT Express is one of the leading suppliers of express business-to-business services worldwide. Through a network of 2,650 warehouses and distribution and sorting centres, ...

Logistics Trade Fair Madrid 2015


LYL INGENIERÍA presents innovative high precision solutions to identify and capture weight and dimensions    CubiScan® and  APACHE® systems for weight and dimensions ...

LYL INGENIERÍA for Sant Boi AZKAR Automated system to identify, measure and weigh parcels and pallets


The new distribution center in Sant Boi de Llobregat operator international logistics provider AZKAR has asked  Vanderlande Industries España such as engineering and ...



Ecstatic. So we can summarize the status of our trade, Luis Talavera, when we discussed the results of the participation of LYL INGENIERÍA at CeMAT, held last March in São ...

LYL INGENIERÍA consolidates its participation in the SIL Barcelona


The International Logistics and Material Handling Exhibition in Barcelona 2011 (SIL) was the venue chosen by LYL INGENIERÍA to introduce the new MaxLoad® Pro, a software ...

LYL INGENIERÍA delivers more than 250 portable traffic signs to the Guàrdia Urbana de Barcelona


The 2010 new fleet has got portable traffic signs from LYL INGENIERÍA.All vehicles from the Guàrdia Urbana de Barcelona incorporate these signaling elements of high ...

LYL INGENIERÍA exhibits CubiScan® and APACHE at the Movimat fair in Brazil Measuring and Weighing Solutions for the transport and logistics in the South American market


Movimat 2011, the largest trade fair for intralogistics in Latin America, was chosen by LYL INGENIERÍA to market "turnkey" solutions such as CubiScan® and APACHE in the ...

LYL INGENIERÍA exposed in Andinatraffic, Andean lounge of Technologies of Traffic and Transport in Bogota


As specialist in urban and inter-city mobility, management of the traffic and road safety, LYL INGENIERÍA will present PoliScan, the technological solutions of VITRONIC, to ...

LYL INGENIERÍA for Turbus in Chile - Automated weighing and volumetric measurement packages and pallets weighing


  TURBUS is a major logistics operators and transportation of persons and packages in Chile. It currently has more than 1,200 vehicles for transporting people and goods, ...

LYL INGENIERÍA participated in the international conference CubiScan ® system vendors Quantronix in Farmington, USA


The U.S. Quantronix, manufacturer of weighing systems and static volumetric measurement CubiScan®, recently brought its international network of distributors in a work ...

LYL INGENIERÍA provides 1,400 portable traffic signposts to the new fleet of traffic control vehicles of the Autonomous Police


The Home Department of the Generalitat of Catalonia invests in the renovation and expansion of the fleet of vehicles of the Mossos d'Esquadra [autonomous police] , the ...

LYL INGENIERÍA’s solutions to improve performance and reduce costs of parcels and large loads distribution.


The professionals who attended the latest edition of Logistics Madrid 2016 had the opportunity to see at LYL INGENIERÍA’s stand the advantages offered by the ...

New CubiScan® 25 to measure and weigh regular and irregular-shaped items


The CubiScan® 25, is an innovative dimensioning and weighing system designed to specifically measure and weigh smaller, irregular-shaped items for distribution, packaging ...

Optical quality control of piezo actuators


VINSPEC vision system ensures perfect condition product in the production of actuators from component manufacturer Bosch and thus contribute to increased efficiency in ...

Partnership between LYL INGENIERÍA and ANDSOFT


Volume and weighing measurement as well as load geometry calculation for road and air transportation containers.LYL INGENIERÍA, logistics specialists in identification, ...

Police in Dubai acquires VITRONIC's solutions for the control and the security traffic, represented in Spain and Latin America by LYL INGENIERÍA


After receiving the first contract in 2010, VITRONIC was named the best supplier of traffic control systems for the Dubai Police, in recognition of the crucial role ...

PoliScanSpeed Mobile to increase road safety in Colombia


LYL INGENIERÍA has delivered the first units of PoliScan Speed Mobile by VITRONIC to the traffic authorities of Colombia, the fourth biggest economy in Latin America and ...

Queensland (Australia) Police Service modernise mobile speed enforcement with VITRONIC technology


VITRONIC has recently won a tender to supply mobile PoliScanspeed systems in vehicle installations with the integration into existing case processing software through ...

Reflections on the logistics evolution in the future


Purchases on the Internet multiply each year and they concern an increasing number of products, which means operators wil increase in number and size.   Globalization ...

Siilog, new partner in Portugal


We’re including Siilog in our international network. Siilog is specialized in the application of advanced technologies focused on solutions of intralogistics, sorters ...

Spanish logistics company Zeleris reaches higher read rates with camera technology. Exchange of laser scanners camera technology


THE PROBLEMThe Spanish company Zeleris is active in the field of integrated logistics, meaning the full range of activities related to procurement, storage, handling and ...

Stand y conferencia en la EXPOLOGISTEC 2014 de Chile


Cosenza, distribuidor de LYL INGENIERÍA en Chile, participará en la feria Expologistec que se celebrará durante dos días 27 y 28 de marzo en el Centro de Distribución ...

Technical Article by LYL Ingeniería for Infopak magazine: Volumetric measurement systems


Volumetrics are crucial in the logistics sector. Including the volumetric measurement in the process of receiving, classifying, distributing and shipping can speed up the ...

The CubiScan® and Apache® systems were the stars of Logistics Madrid 2014


The CubiScan® and  Apache® systems for weighing and dimensioning were the stars of Logistics Madrid 2014, the trade fair for storage, maintenance and logistics held on ...

The Kurdish Interior Ministry acquires 300 mobile systems PoliScan speed of VITRONIC, represented in Spain and Latin America by LYL INGENIERÍA, to respond to increased traffic accidents and fatalities


The speed control systems of VITRONIC PoliScan speed, represented company in Spain and Latin America by LYL INGENIERÍA, work automatically, can be mounted on a tripod in ...

UPS and FedEx announce dimensional weight (DIM) changes for 2015


Dimensional weight – the method that accounts for package volume rather than weight alone – may soon become the new normal.   That’s because in May, ...

VITRONIC and LYL INGENIERÍA: 10 years making the invisible visible


We just started to walk this path, but in the last ten years of cooperation a lot has been done in terms of development and implementation of joint projects. VITRONIC from ...

VITRONIC launches next generation in traffic enforcement


PoliScan FM1 debuts at Gulf Traffic 2014 in Dubai   Wiesbaden/Dubai, 08 December 2014 – At Gulf Traffic 2014, VITRONIC is launching its next generation in traffic ...