LYL INGENIERIA, technological and servicing solutions for logistics and road safety

Technological solutions for the logistics sector
Systems for barcode, 2D code and text scanning using OCR technology for a variety of sectors: parcel, courier, express, retail, food and pharma industries, e-commerce, storage, etc. as well as volumetric measurement and high-precision weighing systems. 

Technological and servicing solutions for traffic and road safety
Portable traffic signage, evidential ethylometers, sound and video recording cameras for police vehicles. Vehicle speed detection and red-light violation detection systems. Toll control and management systems. 

Much more than just technology, first-class professional service
Our experience, knowledge and dedication to service give meaning to the technology and ensure compliance of the established objectives.



Enforcement Trailer, el futuro del control del tráfico: resistente, flexible y autónomo

El ENFORCEMENT TRAILER de VITRONIC, distribuido por LYL INGENIERÍA, permite realizar un control automático del tráfico ...

Casos de éxito

Caso de éxito: incremento del 200% en la productividad del proceso de picking

Nuevo caso de éxito en soluciones robotizadas para picking. Después de que GEEK+ completara el proyecto de ...

LYL Solidario

Día Internacional contra la violencia de género

“La violencia sexual contra las mujeres y las niñas tiene sus raíces en siglos de dominación masculina. No ...


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