Technological and service solutions for logistics, and traffic and road safety

LYL INGENIERÍA is synonymous with solutions that help shed light on aspects of processes, logistics management, traffic and road safety that tend to be more difficult to see. In these areas, LYL INGENIERÍA’s solutions offer critical yet decisive information that isn’t immediately apparent at first glance.

Technological solutions for the logistics sector
Systems for reading barcodes, 2D codes and text by means of OCR for different sectors: parcel, courier, express, retail, food, pharmacy, electronics, storage, etc. as well as volumetric measurement and high-precision weighing systems.

Technological and service solutions for logistics, and traffic and road safety
Portable traffic signage, evidential ethylometers, sound and video recording cameras for police vehicles. Vehicle speed detection and red light violation detection systems. Toll control and management systems.

Much more than just technology, first-class professional service
Our experience, knowledge and absolute dedication to service ensure that our technologies have meaning and guarantee fulfillment of established objectives:

  • Consulting and design services: analysis of real needs and proposal of solutions
  • Project management: oversight, monitoring and execution of all project phases
  • Installation and comissioning: turnkey projects
  • Technical support and maintenance: 24/7 assistance and customer service
  • Calibration, verification and certification: certificate of conformity (MID) for models based on product verification, automatic weighing with checkweigher (Wipotec-OCS dynamic scale) as well as volume and weight verification with ENAC (Spanish Accreditation Entity) traceability
  • Technical training: for personnel responsible for operating systems and equipment
  • Friendly professional personal relations: personalized and reliable attention whenever you need it

LYL INGENIERÍA’s proactive approach and ability to anticipate changing market demands make the company a first-rate technological partner for our customers. Our ability to find efficient solutions by integrating technologies allows LYL INGENIERÍA to offer high value-added expertise in every new project.

LYL INGENIERÍA is the representative for Spain, Portugal and Latin America for leading international manufacturers in its areas of specialization:

AKL-TEC (Germany)
GEEK+ (China)
VITRONIC (Germany)

Our history
LYL INGENIERÍA, S.L. was founded in 2002, in Barcelona, when Lorenzo Vázquez and Luis Talavera, two young industrial engineers, decided to combine their talents and capabilities to focus on developing, manufacturing and marketing equipment for police and emergency vehicles.

Over the years they gained experience, broadened their knowledge and transformed their project into a solid, firmly-grounded company determined to broaden its horizons. In this new phase, Lorenzo and Luis identified specific needs and demands in fast-growing sectors such as logistics and transport, and traffic and road safety. They analyzed these needs and came to the realization that technology would come to play a decisive role in responding to them, and that the change that they had foreseen would be comprehensive, since it would impact the market both in terms of demand as well as supply.

In the process of expansion into these new business sectors, they initiated a series of contacts that led to strategic alliances with companies that develop technologies, equipment and solutions, all of them global leaders in their respective specialties. LYL INGENIERÍA gained the trust of these leaders and became their exclusive distributor for Spain and several Latin American countries. At the same time, the company gained the trust of an increasing number of customers, becoming their strategic partner for technological solutions and associated services such as consulting, installation, training, technical assistance and maintenance.

Starting in 2010, the international expansion of the company became a reality. LYL INGENIERÍA is now a global operator in its areas of business activity. Today, from offices in Barcelona, Madrid and the Basque Country, LYL INGENIERÍA’s activities focus on offering technological solutions and services in logistics, transport, intralogistics, urban and interurban traffic, as well as road safety solutions for integrated contractors, logistics operators, transport companies, industrial enterprises, public administrations, emergency services, and public and private security and surveillance bodies in Spain and other countries such as Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Colombia and Peru.

The future
LYL INGENIERÍA builds its future every day with determination, with new and innovative technological solutions, inspiring changes and improvements to systems and processes, striving to understanding needs, to exceed not only our own expectations but also those entrusted to us as well as those yet to be entrusted to us by present and future customers and suppliers from across the globe.