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Technology in itself is not a solution. It is its application from knowledge.
Knowledge and human intelligence transform it into a solution

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Organise, integrate and deliver technology and knowledge in response to changing market needs and new social paradigms.

We offer intelligent technological solutions for our clients to improve the efficiency, profitability and security of their management, processes and results. Integrated product and service solutions that provide our customers with competitiveness, efficiency, flexibility, serviceability, security and the ability to exceed performance and ROI expectations.

The technology used in our components, systems and equipment provide the value to management and processes that allow our customers to provide efficient, customised and tailored services and solutions.


Technology in itself is not a solution. It is its application from knowledge. Knowledge and human intelligence transform it into a solution.

High rates of change and growth in the volume and forms of demand require an anticipated, adapted, precise and rapid response of processes, as these are decisive factors in the objectives of improving the performance, competitiveness and security of companies and public administrations.


LYL INGENIERÍA, S.L. was founded in 2002, in Barcelona. Lorenzo Vázquez and Luis Talavera, two young industrial engineers, decided to combine their talents and skills to focus on the development, manufacture and marketing of equipment for emergency and police vehicles.

As time went by, the project gained experience, expanded its knowledge and transformed the project into a solid company determined to broaden its horizons. In this new phase, Lorenzo and Luis identified specific needs and requirements in fast-growing sectors such as logistics and transport or traffic and road safety. They analysed these needs and had the vision that technology would play a key role in responding to them. In addition, this vision was global, since that is how the market would be both from the point of view of demand and supply.

In this process of expansion into these sectors, they initiated a series of contacts that led to strategic alliances with companies developing technologies, equipment and solutions, all of them world leaders in their respective specialities. LYL gained the trust of these leaders and became their exclusive distributor for Spain and in several Latin American countries. At the same time, it gained the trust of a growing number of customers and became their strategic partner for technology solutions and associated consultancy, installation, training, support and maintenance services.

Since 2010, the internationalisation of the company has become a reality and LYL is now a global player in its fields of activity. Today, from its offices in Barcelona, Madrid and the Basque Country, LYL’s activity is focused on offering technological solutions and services related to logistics, transport, intralogistics, urban and interurban traffic and road safety to project integrators, logistics operators, transport companies, industrial companies, public administrations, emergency services and public and private security and surveillance bodies in Spain and in countries such as Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Colombia and Peru.


The future of LYL is built every day, with determination, with new and innovative technological solutions, inspiring changes and improvements in systems and processes, applying ourselves to understanding needs and striving to exceed not only our own expectations but also those of current and future customers and suppliers around the world.



LYL offers advanced technological solutions for the automation and digitisation of measuring and reading processes for logistics operators, transport and parcel companies, warehouses and others. Our equipment and systems provide precision and safety in measurements, increase productivity and reduce errors, labour and operating costs. The return on investment is very fast.
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LYL is a national systems integrator for automation and robotisation projects for order picking, replenishment and load movement in warehouses, distribution centres and logistics operators. It offers hardware, software and service solutions through flexible, scalable, simple and easy-to-install turnkey projects that deliver significant reductions in labour and operating costs, while increasing production and providing a rapid return on investment.
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LYL offers effective technological solutions for the automation and digitalisation of the control and management of mobility and safety on urban and interurban roads. Fixed, mobile and autonomous equipment and systems that improve the safety of road users on all roads through traffic monitoring and identification. LYL also manufactures portable traffic signs to equip police and emergency vehicles.
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LYL’s experience, knowledge and clear vocation for service give meaning and efficiency to the technology. As a result, the service becomes an indispensable and decisive solution to support the technology in its role of meeting the established objectives.
Services for warehouses, distribution centres, logistics operators, intralogistics, public administrations, contractors and infrastructure installers.
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