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PoliScan speed Mobile. Mobile Speed ​​Control

VITRONIC's PoliScanspeed sets new standards for mobile speed enforcement as well. The system combines the benefits of LIDAR speed enforcement with a design that allows maximum flexibility during use. 

Unlike technologies such as radar or laser gun, PoliScanspeed mobile is suited for low-profile operation due to its fully automated vehicle detection. Enforcement officers can start processing incidents while speed enforcement is still in progress. In addition, the system automatically dismisses any invalid readings. As a result, operator errors do not affect the viability of incidents.

Tripod, vehicle front, or cargo area mounting


PoliScanspeed mobile supports different use scenarios and offers rapid deployment. Using the corresponding installation kit, the system can be installed in a vehicle's cargo area or next to the drivers seat. In addition, PoliScanspeed mobile can be quickly mounted on a tripod. 

Before each capture, the system performs an automatic self-calibration and is ready for operation without the need for cumbersome calibration. Additional trigger mechanisms such as light barriers are not required.


More incidents with roadside housing


In addition to mobile speed enforcement, PoliScanspeed mobile can be used as a stationary unit. The roadside housing specifically designed for the system protects it from unauthorized access or vandalism. Installation is easy, and the system is quickly ready for use. All location data required for stationary operation is stored locally in the roadside housing and can be read by any PoliScanspeed system. This makes any system not used for mobile speed enforcement available for use as a stationary unit.

The benefits to you:

  • LIDAR measuring technology
  • Fully automated detection for low-profile operation
  • Operator errors do not affect readings
  • Mobile use: installation on tripod, passenger seat, or in cargo area
  • Stationary use: installation in roadside housing with location data storage

PoliScan speed Mobile. Mobile speed control


PoliScan speed Mobile: A traffic control system flexible and versatile 

Using mobile speed enforcement devices provides any traffic safety program with maximum flexibility. A single system can carry out speed measurement and documentation at numerous sites. 

PoliScan speed Mobile can be installed in the front or rear of a patrol car or be mounted on to a tripod. On-site calibration is not required so the system can be operational within a matter of minutes. Thanks to its high accuracy and reliability it is certified for unattended use. 

Overview of PoliScan speed Mobile Advantages

  • Measure multiple vehicles in multiple lanes.
  • Front and rear vehicle classification for differential speed limits.
  • On-site calibration not necessary: can be set up in a matter of minutes.
  • Cases encrypted and manipulation free.
  • Fully unobtrusive: No need for in-road equipment (loops, sensors, light barriers).
  • Can be installed in dual-purpose housing to provide maximum flexibility.
  • Fully automated LIDAR system with digital evidence.
  • Certified for unattended use.

 PoliScan speed Mobile options 

  • Dual-purpose housin.
  • Remote camera.
  • Flash options.
  • IP65 housing.
  • Vehicle mounting frame.
  • GPS module .
  • PoliScan office.

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PoliScan speed Mobile. Mobile Speed ​​Control


VITRONIC's PoliScanspeed sets new standards for mobile speed enforcement as well. The system combines the benefits of LIDAR speed enforcement with a design that allows maximum flexibility during use.  Unlike technologies such as radar or laser gun, ...

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