Portable traffic signal


Our portable road signage has been designed to improve the performance of other existing equipments in the emergency road signage industry. Portable traffic signals consists of a holder and a protective cartridge for the reflective material. 

For the design of this holder the most appropriate materials have been used in each of its parts, resulting in a high-performance, long-running system. The accuracy in assembling of our portable road signals supresses any disturbing noises. 

As well as facilitating transportation of the reflective material inside the vehicle, the protective cartridge keeps it well protected, thus reducing wear. 

It is worth mentioning the innovative tipping system of the road signal placed in the rod or main pole with the aim of reducing the wind's impact due to turbulences caused by passing vehicles. 

This makes it less likely for the portable road signal to overturn, which places it on a higher level with regard to other similar systems thanks to a quick recovery of verticality, keeping the signal operative and stable. 

The model includes a handle perfectly integrated in the head, which allows for the fastening of the winding cartridge, thus placing the telescopic pole at the required height.

  • Innovative and functional design
  • Protective cartridge for reflective material
  • Variable size of holder base
  • User-friendly. Fast opening and closing
  • Reduced weight
  • Adjustable height
  • Tipping system: great stability against wind

For optimal development of their activity, can combine our portable traffic signals with our video surveillance system Flashback as well as detection systems Evidenzer chemicals.