PoliScan red + speed. Combined speed and red light traffic control enforcement.


People often speed across intersections when the light turns yellow. This behavior increases the potential danger at accident-prone traffic light intersections even more. VITRONIC's LIDAR technology enables simultaneous detection of multiple violations. PoliScanred+speed combines all the benefits of laser-based speed and red light enforcement: The system can detect the speed of all vehicles across multiple lanes and precisely and reliably determine the time the stop line is crossed, even in heavy traffic.     

Just like PoliScanredlight, PoliScanred+speed allows flexible orientation to monitor two travel directions regardless of intersection angle – no road-embedded equipment required.

Adding speed enforcement to red light enforcement does not require any additional hardware. A simple software change provides a complete traffic monitoring solution for intersections.


Speed and red light

PoliScanred+speed continuously monitors speeds during all traffic light phases. Red light enforcement is activated additionally depending on the traffic light setting, documenting the crossing of the stop line as well as entry into the intersection's danger zone. Like all PoliScan systems, it is equipped with dual cameras for optimum-focus photographic evidence on all lanes. PoliScanred+speed documents all incidents digitally in an encrypted file. In addition to the photographic evidence, the incident file contains all relevant data such as measured speed, time, and place. The incidents can be downloaded locally or transferred via network connection for evaluation. If required, variable backoffice system connections can be configured.

benefits to you:

  • Combined red light and speed enforcement
  • No road-embedded equipment required
  • Monitors one or two driving directions
  • Easy expansion of red light enforcement via software update
  • Encrypted digital incident documentation
  • Variable backoffice system connection supported