PoliScan redlight. Control lights offenses


PoliScanredlight uses the same LIDAR technology as PoliScanspeed and monitors red light violations across multiple lanes and travel directions – no need for road-embedded loops or piezo sensors. The system is directly connected to the control system of the traffic light and can process up to three configurable light groups from yellow and red phases – optionally for one or multiple lanes.

All PoliScanredlight systems are equipped with dual digital cameras for lane-based photographic evidence. The flash technology enables well-illuminated and therefore meaningful driver photos, regardless of the time of day and even at a high frame rate. As a result, the system can document multiple red light violations in quick succession both at the stop line and when entering the danger zone.

All incident data in a single file

For additional photographic evidence of the red light violation, PoliScanredlightcan be upgraded with remote cameras. The remote cameras can optionally provide time-definable video sequences or individual images showing the situation from a second perspective. This can provide pictures of the vehicle tail and the traffic signal phase as additional photographic evidence.

PoliScanredlight automatically combines all image and incident data and readings into an encrypted incident file. PoliScanredlight automatically ensures consistent data that can only be read using a unique issued key. For further processing, the incident data including all information can be imported into various backoffice systems.


Benefits to you:


  • Laser-based red light enforcement without road-embedded equipment
  • Monitoring of up to three traffic light circuits
  • Dual digital camera system for lane-based photographic evidence
  • Digital incident file containing all incident data
  • Variable backoffice system connection supported