LYL INGENIERÍA’s solutions to improve performance and reduce costs of parcels and large loads distribution.


The professionals who attended the latest edition of Logistics Madrid 2016 had the opportunity to see at LYL INGENIERÍA’s stand the advantages offered by the innovative and precise static CubiScan® and Apache® systems for dimensional weight measurement, as well as the Solutions for identification, volumetrics and dynamic weighing by Vitronic and OCS.

The effective and precise CubiScan® static systems manufactured by Quantronix measure the volume and weight of medium and large objects with regular or irregular shapes.

Apache® systems, designed for the volumetric measurement and weighing of large objects in static or dynamical mode, showed their potential in the management of large loads.

On the other hand, the cameras, code readers, volumetric heads and the rest of technological solutions of Vitronic caught the attention of the logistic operators as to the efficiency and profitability of their devices in the different stages of the process where they are used.

The same level of interest was achieved by efficient OCS precision scales: weight controllers, catchweighers, moving scales as well as X-ray scanners. High-quality, ultra-fast solutions with a great help desk.

Through innovative inspection technologies, volumetrics, weighing, detection, measurement, verification and analysis, the solutions proposed by LYL INGENIERÍA have become a benchmark for precision and reliability in the logistic processes of bar code identification, weighing, volumetric measurement, packaging optimization and load planning, while the company is recognized as a strategic Premium partner in the logistics and transportation sectors.