International CubiScan distributors Meeting


Quantronix chose Salt Lake City (USA) as the venue to bring together its worldwide network of CubiScan distributors. For three days (10-12 October), specialists in solutions of volume and weight measurement from all around the world shared experiences and knew first hand the future plans of the host company. Luis Talavera and Jaime Gómez represented LYL Ingeniería.

"We had the opportunity to participate by listening and sharing ideas and experiences. We all learned a lot, both Quantronix and the distributors gathered" says Jaime. According to Luis, the "breakout sessions" that were held "provided us with more tools to improve the marketing of CubiScan systems and to provide a better service to our customers." In the various sessions we analyzed the conditions of the world market, the evolution of demand and new technologies available, among other interesting topics. We also had the opportunity to learn about the latest developments concerning CubiScan and AKL.

And to round things, a very interesting joint reflexion to predict which products will the market demand in the future and how could Quantronix anticipate the answers.