Industry Solutions

Identification and inspection systems, vision systems in robotis and weighing.


VIRO WSI. 3D Weld seam inspection.


From automatic inspection to the complete reworking of weld seams The weld seam inspection system VIRO WSI reliably and objectively inspects different quality ...

VIRO. 3D Robot Vision.


The robot vision system from VITRONIC now makes it possible to identify and handle complex and dimensionally unstable part geometries. Consequently, areas of industrial ...

VINSPEC. Surface Inspection.


The machine vision system VINSPEC inspects surfaces and contours of visible, sealing and functional surfaces, no matter whether the parts are plane or curved. We use ...

Medical and pharmaceutical

VIDECODE basic. Identification & Verification of variable data.


Here comes your scanning system for variable data! Easy to operate with scanning rates up to 99.9%. VICODEbasic : Brilliantly simple   VICODEbasic scans, identifies and ...

VINSPEC. Quality inspection in the µm – range.


The fully automated machine vision system VINSPEC ensures utmost product safety. In this case, 100% quality control ensures definite traceability and contributes actively ...

VICODE. Absolute Scanning Reliability.


The identification system VICODE forms the basis for process reliability. The solution is characterized by a high recognition reliability - for codes, - letterings - and ...


VINSPEC solar.  Inspection of wafers and solar cells.


How efficiently do you capture the sun? We show you how you can become even better! VINSPECsolar carries out microcrack inspections, contour and surface inspections and ...

VINSPEC solar.  Handling and Quality Inspection of Solar Modules


How much time do you spend with handling processes? Save time with intelligent machine vision by VITRONIC VINSPECsolar performs all important inspection tasks in the ...

VINSPEC solar.  Automatic Visual Inspection of Thin Film Modules.


The product family VINSPECsolar inspects thin film modules in-line before and after relevant production steps. Various module types can be inspected regardless of the ...

Weighing Systems

EC-M-HD. Solution for heavy and very large objects.


The EC-M-HD is based on the EC-M and is a machine with a special configuration for weighing heavy and very large products. It features a particularly robust, protected ...

Gases control systems

Engineering integrative


Engineering integrating technologies and services with a focus on the safety of people and facilities and reducing costs gasísticos. Project Installation ...

Control of all gases


Control of all gases Explosives Toxic Anoxic

Systems and Solutions


Systems and Solutions Leak Detection Alarm Incident Measurement Control risk environments for people in workplaces Computerised systems for safety in buildings ...

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