LYL INGENIERÍA: technological solutions for traffic, logistics and industry


Police vehicle equipment including portable traffic signals, evidential breathalyzers, image and sound recording cameras, on-board computers, narcotics and explosives analysis systems.

Speed enforcement system for vehicles and red light offences. Toll monitoring and management systems. Narcotics and explosives analysis equipments.



Dynamic systems for barcode, 2D codes and OCR text identifying, classifying and reading in haulage. High precision 3D dimensioning and weighing systems. Static and dynamic volumetric weighing and dimensioning systems.  Weighing and dimensioning systems for large or small items, with regular or irregular shapes. Distribution and loading optimization software for haulage.



Inspection, identification and checking systems for quality management and production processes. Surface inspection systems. Vision systems in robotics. 3D systems for welding points inspection. 3D systems for body scanning. All kinds of gas emission hazard monitoring systems.



Siilog, new partner in Portugal

We’re including Siilog in our international network. Siilog is specialized in the application of advanced ...


LYL INGENIERÍA’s solutions to improve performance and reduce costs of parcels and large loads distribution.

The professionals who attended the latest edition of Logistics Madrid 2016 had the opportunity to see at LYL ...


International CubiScan distributors Meeting

Quantronix chose Salt Lake City (USA) as the venue to bring together its worldwide network of CubiScan distributors. For ...


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