LYL INGENIERÍA. Innovative technology solutions with high added value.

LYL INGENIERÍA is synonymous with solutions that help you see the invisible aspects of the industrial processes, logistics management, and traffic and road safety. In all these fields, obtaining information that's hidden at first sight is crucial for the manufacturing quality, reducing low-quality costs, loading optimization or accident prevention, which could save lives. As in many other cases, here "seeing" means discovering, anticipating, confirming and improving.


Logistics solutions

LYL INGENIERÍA offers technological solutions aimed at optimizing and achieving a return on the logistics processes thanks to innovative reading, identification, volumetric measuring and weighing systems. These solutions are benchmarks of precision and reliability in the logistics processes of barcode identification, 2D codes, printed and written text (OCR), weighting and volumetric measuring of items, packing optimization and loading planning.


Traffic solutions

Technological solutions designed, manufactured and marketed by LYL INGENIERÍA are also a benchmark in traffic management and safety, especially as far as monitoring vehicles in motion is concerned: systems for speed enforcement and red light offences, equipments for automatic recognition of license plates, toll systems with a smooth traffic, video surveillance systems, portable traffic signs and chemical substance detectors.



LYL INGENIERÍA's proactive attitude and its ability to anticipate the changing needs of the market place the company as a top-level technological partner for our clients. The ability to find efficient solutions by integrating technologies allows LYL INGENIERÍA to develop a high added value expertise for each new project.



LYL INGENIERÍA was created in 2002, in Barcelona. Two young industrial engineers decided to join their talents and abilities to develop, manufacture and market emergency vehicles equipment, especially for police forces.

Thanks to the experience and knowledge gathered over the years, Lorenzo Vázquez and Luis Talavera, the two partners of LYL INGENIERÍA, expanded the activities. The company was a pioneer in many or the activity fields in which it's now a leader.

By working closely with leading companies worldwide in their fields, LYL INGENIERÍA extended its field of action to the logistics, traffic and industry sectors. In all of them, there was (and is) a need to “see the invisible aspects”. Or, in other words: make the invisible visible in order to ensure people's safety and quality of processes, products and services.



From the offices of Barcelona, Madrid and the Basque Country, LYL INGENIERÍA grows and opens up to new geographical markets. In 2010, the company went international. LYL INGENIERÍA's offer has been highly welcomed and valued in Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Colombia. 



LYL INGENIERÍA's future is built every day with determination, with new and innovative technological solutions, inspiring changes and improvements in the systems and processes, understanding the new needs and trends, and with a desire to surpass our own expectations and the expectations of LYL INGENIERÍA's customers worldwide.