Business case

More efficiency at the goods inbound department


Developer of electronic system products relies on the VICAMsnap! multi-code reading system   Task: Complete and secure capture of barcodes at goods inbound   Pantel ...

Optimizing space and time: projectec year one savings of $125,000 with the CubiScan ® 125


Introduction to A&P With more than 300 stores--including Food Basics, The Food Emporium, Best Cellars, Pathmark, SuperFresh and Waldbaum’s--comprising its operations, ...

Increased read rates with VITRONIC technology


Chronoexprés implements camera technology in distribution center in MadridLYL Ingenieria, VITRONIC’s partner for Spain and South America, installed a camera tunnel ...

UBD PEARSON Project: Volumetric Scales CubiScan30 and CubiScan100


UBD Realizes Measurable Financial Benefits with CubiScan ® Technology. Introduction UBD is the wholly owned warehousing and distribution division of Pearson Australia Group ...

TOMMY HILFIGER Project: linear scan camera with high resolution autofocus VICAMssi


Garment Inspection in Tommy Hilfiger. VIPAC reads barcodes through plastic wrap.

Zeleris Project: reading VIPAC R and volumetry VIPAC D systems on conveyor belts


Laser scanners Exchange camera technology. The Spanish logistics company Zeleris reaches higher read rates with camera technology.

DHL España Project: VIPAC R reading and VIPAC D volumetric systems on conveyor belts.


Reduce costs with cameras and no reading tests. DHL España camera technology implements three hubs.

VIPAC reading barcodes moving pallets


An identification system based on two cameras installed in the passage area of the pallet truck elevadora.Cuando transported passes through the cameras identifies barcodes.